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Stressed about managing your business' finances?


For the small business owner, bookkeeping is often seen as one of those dreaded tasks that we would prefer to avoid at all cost. It is dull and routine, and can often take up many hours of time. This is the primary reason that well over one-half of all small business owners do not keep their finances up to date on a monthly basis. Bookkeeping, as boring as it may appear, is actually crucial for business management and growth. It is only with accurate and consistent measurement of a company’s financial reports that business owners can effectively manage and expand their businesses.

Let me worry about the details! I take care of your books so you are free to focus on your business. I use cloud-based accounting and file management software with bank-level security encryption to ensure the safety of your data.


Services Offered:

  • Set up Chart of Accounts

  • Online Accounting Software expertise: QuickBooks or Xero

  • Track and categorize expenses, attach uploaded receipts

  • Invoice customers

  • Process payments

  • Customized financial reports, monthly, quarterly & annually

  • Bank & credit cards - classified & reconciled monthly

  • GST/HST submission

  • Historical clean-up of accounts and transactions (If you've fallen behind in your reconciliations, or haven't yet set up systems, I'll get you set up and on the right path)

  • Prepare reports for year-end to present to your accountant

  • Regular meetings to keep you up-to-date

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