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Why use a Virtual Assistant?

  • No need to spend valuable time and money on hiring and training new employees

  • No need to provide office space or equipment

  • Pay only for time worked - no benefits, vacation pay, sick time, or long lunch hours

  • Gives you time to concentrate on doing what you do best - and growing your business

Looking for Office Help?

Discover the benefits of outsourcing your administrative tasks to a professional Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

Executive Virtual Assistant / 
Online Business Manager

Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses get organized and gain control of their admin tasks so they can focus on taking care of their clients and growing their business.

Develop new & improved systems & procedures to streamline processes, ensuring business operations are both efficient and effective, so your business runs smoothly and you don't have to worry about details.

Travel Planning & Coordination ~ Research & book hotels and flights for events & business travel.

Word Processing ~ create, edit & proofread documents, correspondence, contracts, blog posts, presentations and reports, giving them a polished, professional look with consistent branding.

Other services include:

  • Meeting & Event coordination, agendas and minutes

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Excel spreadsheets 

  • Calendar management using Google or MS Office

  • Email management

  • Digital filing & organizing

Contractor management

Contractor Management

Does your company hire contractors? Do you have to keep track of timesheets, invoices, client billing, contracts & purchase orders? I have experience managing large teams of external contractors.

Create Excel Spreadsheets to track invoices, timesheets, hours, client billing, and purchase orders

Onboard contractors and clients and keep all details up to date

Using timesheet software such as Harvest or Timesheet Portal to process monthly contractor timesheets and invoice clients

Process payment to contractors via RBC Express, Plooto, QuickBooks, or other invoicing software. 

Act as liaison and first point of contact with internal and external customers, vendors, and team members.

Engage with customers as required to troubleshoot issues related to invoices, purchase orders, payments, etc.

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